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Assessment Resources


Annual Assessment Reporting Resources

Weave 4.0 System User Guide (Updated July 2020)

How to Add Findings in Weave

How to Create Action Plans in Weave

Continuous Improvement Report

Creating Rubrics

Blooms Taxonomy Chart


Civic Engagement (pdf | doc)

Creative Thinking (pdf | doc)

Critical Thinking (pdf | doc)

Ethical Reasoning (pdf | doc)

Foundations and Skills for Lifelong Learning (pdf | doc)

Global Learning (pdf | doc)

Information Literacy (pdf | doc)

Inquiry & Analysis (pdf | doc)

Integrative Learning (pdf | doc) 

Intercultural Knowledge and Competence (pdf | doc)

Oral Communication (pdf | doc)

Problem Solving (pdf | doc)

Quantitative Literacy (pdf | doc)

Reading (pdf | doc)

Teamwork (pdf | doc)

Written Communication (pdf | doc)