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Assessment Reporting Deadlines

2017 Deadlines

Note: Administrators, Deans, and VPs may set earlier deadlines within their units/divisions

October 23rd: (Individual Unit)
Comprehensive unit reports for all degree/certificate/ license programs; academic support programs, administrative programs, centers and institutes.

November 3rd: (Multiple Unit Entity Reporting to Assoc. VP or Higher)
Annual reports for Asst. VP for CASA; Dean for Community Outreach; and Directors of Core Curriculum, FYI, Library Director, ODELT Director, & University Services.

November 17th: (Administrative Level Annual Report)
Annual reports of Vice Provost; College Deans; Assoc. VPs for Academic Affairs, Enrollment Management, Offices reporting to VP for RCO, Information Technology; Direct Reports to VP SES.
December 8th: (President's Cabinet)

Note: Comprehensive report documentation should cover the assessment cycle period of September 1, 2016 - August 31, 2017. Documentation is required in ALL sections of WEAVEonline (objectives, measures, findings, action plans (if needed), analysis, and annual/special report areas).