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Disposing State Records

Disposing of State Records

All records in the Record Retention Schedule may be disposed of in one of two ways.

Archival Preservation: If a record is designated in the Record Retention Schedule as one which should be kept as an archival record or if a department believes that a record should be kept for archival purposes and placed in the university archives, the department should contact the Records Officer for consultation.

Destruction: If a record has met the retention period in the Record Retention Schedule it must be destroyed in a timely manner and this process has to be approved and documented using the Records Destruction Form (pdf/xls). This process is extremely important as we must verify that there is no reason that documents may not be destroyed such as pending litigation, claims, negotiations, audits, open records requests, or administrative review. If any of these are pending then records must be kept until the completion of these actions.

The Records Destruction Form and instructions for preparing the form are provided in downloadable formats. Assistance in filling out forms is available as needed. Contact Cate Rudowsky at 825-2644 or by email

Completed forms may be scanned and sent by email to or sent via campus mail to the attention of Cate Rudowsky, unit 5702.

Records Destruction Form(pdf/xls)

Instructions for Preparing Records Destruction Form